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Debt or equity financing are used for many purposes, including funding internal growth and/or acquisitions, transferring a family-owned company to the next generation, or providing partial liquidity for shareholders. An appropriate balance of equity and debt allows business owners to take advantage of short-term opportunities while maximizing long-term value.

Accessing capital in the private equity and debt markets can be a daunting task. Private capital markets today are fragmented, complex, and constantly evolving. Management can be weighed down with a multitude of issues, including:

  • Pre-financing valuation,
  • Most appropriate instrument or security (common stock, preferred stock, convertible preferred, subordinated debt with warrants, etc).
  • Seeking the most economical capital provider.
  • Covenants and restrictions ranging from required financial ratios to limitations on capital expenditures.
  • Evaluating and understanding the pros and cons of different proposals

As a DCF client, you work with a team of professionals that have both capital market and worldreal-world experience – experience that is invaluable when structuring and negotiating a transaction. We work with your management to position the company properly and obtain financing on the best terms possible.

Equity Financing

Equity Financing

Our close relationships with private equity groups across the country give us the ability to identify those funds that can provide your business not only with capital, but also with industry and general management expertise. We set realistic expectations early in the process and identify and address issues that could impact the financing. This ensures that we work to meet your objectives, while you still maintain the ability to focus your energies on operating and growing your business.

Debt Financing

In the past, business owners chose a local or regional bank to provide both depository and commercial loan services. Currently, consolidation in the banking industry has reduced the number of traditional senior lenders and limited many borrowers’ ability to negotiate with these sources. However, many institutions providing senior and subordinated debt financing have emerged. These institutions continue to include regional and national banks but also include commercial lenders, asset-based lenders, mezzanine lenders, niche lenders, and even hedge funds. Our personal knowledge of these institutions and their bankers is an integral aspect of being able to obtain the most appropriate financing for our clients.

Debt Financing

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