DCF Provides Expert Valuation Testimony in U.S. Tax Court

DCF Provides Expert Valuation Testimony in U.S. Tax Court

December 13, 2017

DCF Managing Principal, Tom Decosimo, recently testified in United States Tax Court in Washington, DC as an expert in corporate valuation. His testimony addressed a number of issues, including reviews of the work of other appraisers, whether a discount for lack of marketability was appropriate in the case, and the extent of the discount, if one applied. Tom led a team of professionals at DCF in this engagement. The complex dispute called upon the expertise and experience of DCF in business valuation, derivative security valuation, and investment banking.

The Tax Court is considered the most prestigious venue in which to testify as an expert witness in corporate valuation because its judges have particular expertise in the fields of taxation, economics, and finance. DCF is proud that its professionals, exemplified in this instance by Tom Decosimo, are receiving national recognition of their abilities.

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