Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC – our beginning and future

Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC – our beginning and future

December 31, 2018

As we enter into the new year of 2019, we pay homage to our beginning as the consulting division of the Joseph Decosimo & Company accounting firm.

DCF was founded as a division of the Decosimo CPA Firm to provide valuation, sell-side advisory and capital sourcing to businesses throughout the Southeast – and the Nation. DCF was the formalization of Joe Decosimo’s desire to provide services that would help businesses maximize value in addition to providing traditional accounting services.

Over the years the Decosimo CPA Firm and DCF was involved in over $15 billion in transactions including – as we are proud to note – the acquisitions and financings of five Major League Baseball teams and over 100 Coca-Cola and Seven-up bottlers. Our valuations have been used by hundreds of businesses and we have been honored to have provided expert testimony in the US States Tax Court.

DCF took the step to become a licensed broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC in 2009. Since that time DCF has led the successful sale of businesses in sell-side advisory exceeding $1 billion.

In 2015, with the merger of the Decosimo firm with Elliott Davis, Tom Decosimo and Paul Cheney took DCF out of the merged accounting firm and DCF is now completely independent of any accounting firm relationship. Since the 2015 exit from the merged accounting firm DCF has been the lead advisor in over $400 million of sell-side transactions and many business valuations.

That independence has allowed DCF to act more effectively as a consulting firm in working with businesses, law firms, and other accounting firms. Today DCF has like-minded CPA firms and independent investment banks that have joined the DCF network. DCF and its affiliates work together to provide a nationwide approach to our original services of sell-side advisory, capital sourcing, and valuation along with distressed corporate services and executive benefits.

Our future is bright as we continue to add affiliates and specialties to better serve businesses throughout our growing national footprint.  We look forward to a successful 2019.

Call Tom Decosimo at 423-266-4000 or email him at for see how we can help you maximize the value of your business.

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