During the past three major credit cycles, DCF-affiliated professionals have provided restructuring and turnaround advice to businesses in various degrees of distress.  Often companies become “distressed” after their primary lender withholds credit following a technical default under, or maturity of, a credit facility.  In the wrong environment, this can quickly result in a bankruptcy filing and/or liquidation, regardless of the financial condition of the borrower.

Through its affiliation with NTA-Riverbend, DCF bankers are able to provide critical advice to help identify problems early and find solutions that preserve value and allow companies to continue to operate as a going concern.

At its core, financial restructuring involves:

  1. Identifying and resolving the key business problem(s)
  2. Making difficult decisions to ensure survivability
  3. Stabilizing the business, while communicating with all stakeholders
  4. Identifying a viable “Core” business to restructure around
  5. Determining if management is the right “fit” to grow the business
  6. Negotiating a reasonable capital structure to allow the new business to turnaround and grow

DCF bankers are trained to work with all of the client’s restructuring constituents to ensure that those companies that deserve to exist, get every opportunity to survive.  Depending on the complexity of the capital structure, a restructuring/turnaround can be accomplished either in-or-out of bankruptcy court.  Many middle market lenders believe that a Section 363 bankruptcy sale is the most efficient way to recover on a distressed deal.  This has led to many short-term sale processes that may not maximize value for all of the company’s stakeholders.  DCF bankers are committed to get the greatest value for all constituencies in a restructuring or distressed sale; and therefore, will never represent creditors within this process.

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