Pat Seitz Joins Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC

Pat Seitz Joins Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC

September 10, 2019

Tom Decosimo announced today that Pat Seitz has joined Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC as a Director. Pat, who is working out of the Chattanooga office, has spent the last 24 years as a partner/senior broker providing merger and acquisition advisory to privately-held businesses. Pat specializes in helping business owners maximize the value of their business through a sell-side process that is disciplined and time-tested. The sell-side process coordinates the gathering of pertinent information, recasts historical financial statements, advises on business valuation, and considers potential tax consequences.

The DCF sell-side process assembles all the pertinent operational and financial information in a positive but factual light; drafts blind profile summaries and business review documents; implements confidential, multi-pronged marketing strategies; qualifies buyer prospects and manages the release of business information; manages negotiations, understands deal terms and business sale financing options, coordinates the due diligence process; coordinates the transaction activities between parties; and maintains confidentiality throughout the process.

Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC is a broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC, and has affiliated registered representatives across the nation.

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