Pat Seitz Joins Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC

Pat Seitz Joins Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC

September 10, 2019

Tom Decosimo announced today that Pat Seitz has joined Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC (DCF) as a Director. Pat, who is working out of the Chattanooga office, has spent the last 20 plus years providing sell-side transaction advisory to privately-held businesses. Pat specializes in helping business owners maximize the value of their business through a sell-side process that is disciplined and time-tested. The sell-side process includes coordinating the gathering of pertinent information, recasting of historical financial statements, advises on business valuation, and considers potential tax consequences just to name a few.

DCF’s mission is to maximize value for owners and their companies. Our sell-side process is comprehensive, offers owners the ability to consider all their options, aids in the decision process, provides clients peace of mind and is designed to maintain confidentiality. Pat has the experience as well as the support and resources of Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC to further develop and expand the firms sell-side transaction advisory services to the small middle market. “With Pat joining our team, we are able to confidently provide the same quality sell-side advisory services to owners and small middle market companies with enterprise values of $5 million and above”. – Tom Decosimo.

Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC is a broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC, and has affiliated registered representatives across the nation.

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